VM Groups

Users can create groups of VMs and Templates that can be applied to Host Groups.

When a VM Group is applied to a Host Groups, clones of the VMs and Templates will be assigned to the Host Group.

This feature helps you to quickly deploy a set of VMs in one simple step.


To create a VM Group log into the Administration console.

Select the VM Groups tab.


Right click -> Create in the VM Group list or press the New button at the bottom left.

A dialog will appear prompting for the VM Group name.

Enter the name of the group you want to create.


Once the Group is created, VMs and Templates to be deploy as a single unit can be added.

Select the VM Group name you just created from the VM Group list.

Click the add button at the bottom of the VMs list.

A Dialog listing you VMs and Templates will appear.

Select the VMs or Templates and press OK. (you can select multiple entries by holding down the SHIFT or CTRL button).


Your VM Group is now ready to apply to a Host Group.


To apply a VM Group, press the Apply button at the bottom right of the VM Groups tab.

A dialog will appear allowing you to chose the Host Group you would like to apply the VM Group to.

Select the Host Group and press OK.


Infinity will now clone each of the VMs in the group and assign them to the Host Group.

If the Host Group is configured as a Replicated Host Group, the clones will then be cloned again for each of the Hosts in the Replicated Host Group.

You can confirm the operation by ...