User Accounts

To access Infinity, users must authenticate to the Infinity server with a user account. The users account settings control what the user can access and do with Infinity.

There are two broad groups of users in Infinity, Administrators and non administrators. Users who have administrative accounts have unrestricted access to everything on the infinity server therefor they can access all VMs and the VMs data. Administrative accounts should be used sparingly. The default administrator account is "admin" and the default password for the admin account is "admin". You must/should change the default admin account password.  The admin account can not be deleted or renamed because it is used by the Infinity server. You should create at least one administrator account for you to use. Regular users can create and manage only their own VMs, they do not have access to VMs and other objects they have not created themselves or been granted access to. Restricted users can not create or delete VMs or other objects.


Andy has administrator access, mike does not.

Users accounts with Administrator access will have a brown icon and non administrator account are blue.

A users Role controls what access they are granted with Infinity.

Users can be granted access to VMs, Templates, Hard Drives and Host Groups by adding the objects to the users account.

Regular User 

    Regular User accounts have the right to create and delete things, this means they can add Hosts, create VMs and boot their VMs on their Hosts.

     If a regular user deletes something, Infinity will simply unassign it from the users account if other users also have access to it. When the last user with access to the object deletes it, Infinity will then delete it.

    Regular Users can not create Users or change their account Role.

Restricted User

    These users to not have the right to create or delete anything, This means they can only run and access VMs and other objects assigned to them.


    Administrator accounts have unrestricted access to all objects of all users.

 If an Administrator deletes something it is immediately and completely deleted from the system.