Templates are VMs that you have created but do not use directly. Templates are cloned to create VMs that you boot on Hosts.

Templates can not be assigned to Hosts, so the data on their drives is protected.

Once a VM is changed into a Template, it can not be undone. But you could create a VM from the template, the delete the template effectively accomplishing the same thing.

If changes are made to a template, they will not take effect unless the template is later snapshotted. This is due to the fact that VMs are actually created from the last snapshot of the template. The templates snapshots can be delete but a new snapshot will be created the next time a VM is created from the template.

VMs can be changed into Templates by pressing the “Template” button at the far right of the VMs “Actions” bar.



Available Templates can be see in the “Templates” Tab. Users must be assigned Template.



When creating VMs, the Template can be selected




Multiple VMs can quickly be created from a Template by increasing the number of copies. The VMs names will have a number appended to them.

The VMs could renamed as you like afterwards.