Remote Access


Remote access to VMs is available in the Administration Console, the Infinity Agent and the Remote Proxy client.

For remote access to work, VirtualBox on the Hosts must have the VirtualBox extensions installed.


If the VM setting for "RDP Auth" is set to "None", no user name or password is needed to remotely access a VM running on a host.


RDP authentication depends on the VMs settings, settings of the Agent the VM is running on and what type of user account was used to log into the Infinity Agent.

Authentication is performed based on the configuration of the Agent and the type of user who started the Agent. If the Agent configuration has "Host RDP" selected, user accounts of the OS the Agent is running on are used for authentication instead of Infinity user accounts. VirtualBox must be configure appropriately for OS accounts to be used for remote access authentication.   

The user name and password needed to access the VM depends on a few things.

   If the Host is a PXE Bare Metal computer booted from the network, or the user that logged into the Infinity Agent was a regular user, the remote access password is that of the account used to log into the Agent for all VMs.

   If the user account used to log into the Infinity Agent was an Admin account, users get remote access using their Infinity user name and password and they must have access to the VM in Infinity.

   If the user account used to log into the Infinity Agent was Not an Admin account, the remote access name and password is that of the user that started the Infinity Agent.


   Administration Console:

        Right click on a VM and select "Connect" or press the "Connect" button on the selected VM.



        If the "VM View" window is open, double clicking on a VM in the window will start a remote connection.



         To a a VM to the VM view window, click on the Image of the VM in the VM deatils window.



    Infinity Agent:

            Select a VM and press the "Connect" button.


Remote Access Proxy Agent


Infinity can allow users basic remote access to their VMs. Network traffic is tunneled through port 443. The remote computers need Java installed.

The remote proxy service is installed by default on each Infinity server, but can be run from any java enabled server.

There is a link to the Remote Access applet on the Infinity Servers web page.

The service on the Infinity Server is infinity/proxy and it must be enabled to allow remote access.

$ svcs infinity/proxy
online 12:00:07 svc:/service/infinity/proxy:default

Users can see their VMs and the state of those VMs.

VMs can be viewed through RDP by Connecting to them.