Infinity Server.

The Infinity Server is a computer with OpenIndiana, OmniOS, Solaris 11 or Centos/Red Hat Linux OS installed on it as well as the Infinity Server software package. Infinity and your VMs use the disk storage configured on the server. When virtual hard drives are created by an Infinity user through the Administration console, Infinity creates ZFS Volumes and shares them through iSCSI. When a VM is booted its virtual hard drives will be shared with security settings that allow only the Host running the VM to access them.  The server should be configured with at least Gigabyte networking and the Storage Pools should be configured with data protection eg. mirroring. Proper network configuration is essential and the server should be configured with a static IP address. Infinity includes a simple web server to facilitate the installing and running of the Infinity Agent, Administration Console and Remote Access interface.



Viewing servers with the Administration Console


Users with the Administration Role can view and manage Infinity servers with the Administration Console.



Each Infinity server will have at least one Storage Pool, which needs to be "OnLine". Only online Storage Pools will be used to create virtual hard drives for VMs.

Storage pools are ZFS pools on the server.


"Service Reset" restarts the Infinity Server service on the server

"Reboot" reboots the physical server.

"Power off" powers off the physical server.

If there is an upgrade for the Infinity software available, the Upgrade button will be enabled.

"Logs" will show the servers system logs.