Restoring a VM Backup from a local file

  1. Log into the Administration Console from the computer with the VMs backup file.
  2. Select the “File” menu and select “Restore”

  1. A Dialog box titled “Restore” will appear allowing the selection of a previously saved “VMBackup.tsb” file which contains the VM along with its attached hard drive(s).

    1. Select the Filename from the appropriate directory and press the “Restore” button.

    2. The Restore process can be viewed by process bar at the bottom of the dialog box


The dialog can be closed while the restore is running, but do not close the Administration Console until the restore is complete.

 The jobs progression can be monitored under the Consoles "Backups" tab.


Once complete, a pop-up dialog box titled “Restore Ended” with the message “job has completed” will be displayed. You can start the restored VM from the VM list view like any other VM.

The restored VM will will have a name that is equal to the original filename used to restore it alone with the appended string “-Restored”. You can simply right-click your restored VM and select “Rename” to modify it.