Add a Server

Multiple servers can be managed as one by adding them to your existing server.

New servers being add should not have configuration data on them.

Doing a factory reset on the server to add will ensure this.



To add the server, log into your exiting server with the Administration console using an account which has administration rights.

Select Edit -> Add Server


The following dialog will be shown.


You should be able to select the server in the combination box at the top, if not you can type in its host name or IP.

Enter the user name and password of an account on the new server to add which has administrator rights.

press OK.

In about a minute your new server will be added and ready for use. 

The servers will now each store copies of all configuration data to protect you from server failure.

Note that this does not include VM hard drives created in the Infinity servers storage pools. The VMs hard drives should be protected by proper configuration of the storage pools on the Infinity server and by doing regular backups of the VMs.