A Host is a computer that has Java, VirtualBox and the Infinity Agent installed on it. Hosts can be running any OS supported by VirtualBox. A Host can be headless (no graphical screen) in which case the VMs must be accessed remotely. VirtualBox can be downloaded from If the VirtualBox Extensions have been installed, the VMs can be accessed remotely through RDP. When a VM is booted on a host, The Infinity Server uses the Infinity Agent to create a VM in VirtualBox using the VM setting configured on the server combined with settings on the Agent. VirtualBox has a built-in iSCSI initiator that is used by the VM to access its virtual hard disks from the Infinity Server. Licensing limits the number of Hosts you can use concurrently.

If the Bare Metal PXE package has been installed on the infinity server, a computer can be turned into a host simply by booting it from the network.


When the Agent is started on a Host, it authenticates to the Infinity server and either joins an existing Host Group or creates a new one. By default the Agent will try to join a Host Group of the same name as the Host the Agent is running on.


Hosts can be managed with the Administration Console or through the Agent settings on the Host.



        Host solaris11 belongs to the Host Group solaris11.

        It has 369 GB or space for backing up VMs and hard drives.

        11.7 GB or RAM are available to VMs.

        The Hosts CPU is only 1% used.

        One VMs is configured on the Host and it is running (blue).


A Host can be moved to another Host Group by either changing the "Host Group Name" property and restarting the Agent software, Or by "Drag and Dropping" the Host to another Host Group.


The amount of RAM available to used by VMs on a Host can be capped or over committed by the RAM Cap entry in  Agents settings.


Typically a Host is a users workstation. This allows the user to run their VMs independently and take advantage of the processing power of their workstation. VMs can be run in full screen or seamless mode and can have access to local devices and files. Hosts can also be configured to run a VM in Kiosk mode where the VM is in full screen mode and anyone using the VM can not gain access to the actual Host OS.

VMs can be configured to automatically start when the Agent software starts by selecting the "auto boot" check box in the VMs properties.