Virtual machines

Infinity is primarily used by Users to manage their virtual machines (VMs).

VMs are create by Administrators and Regular users with the Administrator Console. VMs are assigned to Host Groups and ultimately boot on Hosts. When a VM is booted on a Host, the Agent software temporarily creates a VM configuration in VirtualBox on the Host. Usually, once the VM is powered off, the VMs configuration in VirtualBox on the Host is removed.



The RDP Auth setting controls the Authentication method used to control Remote GUI access to a running VM. "Host" means that authentication settings are enabled and the specific method used is configured on the Host in the Agents configuration settings. None means that there is no authentication for remote access. When the VMs RDP Auth setting is set to None, anyone can connect to the running VM with any RDP client software without being prompted to login. Details of remote access can be found here.


When a user starts the Agent on a Host, if the Agent belongs to a Distributed Host Group, the user will have access to their VMs. If the Host Group is a Replicated Host Group, the user will have access to the VMs assigned to that Host.

If a VM is currently assigned to a remote host and is not currently running, the user can press "Boot Remotely" to cause the VMs to boot on the remote host. Pressing "Boot Locally" will move the VM to the local Host and boot the VM on the users computer.