Data Protection


Infinity provides robust protection for Virtual Machines.

Snapshots are Point in Time copies of your VMs and or hard drives. Infinity allows you to take hundreds of snapshots that can be scheduled or manually created. Snapshots are very useful when making changes to a VM and you would like to be able to access the VM as it was before the change. Snapshots can be cloned to create VMs.

VM replication between Infinity servers not only protects a VMs data from server failure, but also allows VMs to recover from a server failure by simple rebooting.

VMs can be backup up as files that you can move off site. Infinity supports block level incrementals and differentials


Backup Profiles

Backup profiles makes it easier to protect VMs. A backup profile defines how VMs are protected by snapshots, backups and replication. When a backup profile is applied to a VM, scheduled tasks are created to do the work defined in the profile.